I am the creator of Project Pokemon Save Editor, DS Version. Which is better known as PPSE-DS. It is a small bit of homebrew made to run on Nintendo DS Flash Carts. It edits the saves of Generation 4 Pokemon games right on the flash cart. I created it for Project Pokemon. The provided almost all the information required to make it, so it seemed only fair.

Originally it was called PokesavDS. Since at the time Pokesav was the best known Pokemon Save Editor. However I found that people kept misunderstanding the difference of author, and that they "Put Pokesav on their flashcart, but its not working!" So I changed the name to PPSE-DS, after the now defunct Project Pokemon Save Editor (PPSE). Where I got some of the information I needed to create my program.

The original goals of PPSE-DS were to edit trainer, item, and Pokemon data. With an possible Pokedex Editing Option. It reached the first three goals as of r11. The forth was never implemented. However there has been talk of adding further capabilities to the program (such as Generation 5 support). They never materialized. The program would never replace functionality the base games already provided, such as adding markings.

PPSE-DS will not and can not ever be a complete replacement for a computer based editor, due to the DS's limited memory and processing capabilities. Even simple pid generation is slow.

Latest Version: r11 (Oct 2010)

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PPSE-DS is very old by current standards. It likely works on all modern flash carts.