Who am I?

I am Chase. I live in the cold frigid reaches of northern Michigan, in a room, full of computers with too many screens and an Internet connection.

My real name is Robert David Stancil Maupin. I am 28 and was born in Flint, Michigan.

I started out as a programmer of BASIC back in 1998, a time which BASIC was well past its prime. I moved to pretending to be able to program C for MUDs. I didn’t actually know how to do it, but I pretended to. After not to long I had a general idea of how C functions worked, and how to fix most simple compile problems.

Well after that phase passed I kinda dropped into PHP for a few years, mostly writing small CMS from scratch, dealing with mysql, and generally being annoyed at javascript.

Around 2006, I got into Java, hard, thanks to a programming game called Robocode, programming AIs to do battle on a 2D plane. My robot AI is currently ranked #6 out of 986 competitors from around the world (as of March 12, 2013).

Here I learned data structures, genetic algorithms, statistical analysis, data mining, pattern matching, and neural networks. Along with many good programming practices. Thanks guys!

I later moved back to C/C++ due to college courses and work on PPSE-DS, a pokemon save editor made to run on the DS itself. I wrote many other things during that period.

So why the lazy programmer?

I assume you are talking about my self appointed title.

Most people say Necessity is the mother of invention. I respectfully disagree, I believe that Laziness is the mother of invention. If I  find something I really don’t want to do, I instead write a program to do it for me. Because coming up with something to do something boring isn’t boring. I am engaged, I am interested, and I care. Usually I turn long work into short work.

If I can make a program to do something in 5 minutes that would take me 10 hours to do by hand, in only in 2 hours. I just saved 8 hours. If I ever have to do it again, find the program, run it, I just saved 9 hours and 55 minutes. Productive, and I don’t ever have to do that tedious work myself.

My job is to constantly put myself out of a job. One day i’ll write a program that will write all these programs for me.

So in short, yes I am lazy, but in a good way!

So what does CSDGN stand for?

Long story short, it originally stood for ChaseSansDesiGN. Now it is just a catchy 5 letter name for me and all my projects. I think that an online acronym generator found it for me while I was trying to find a good domain that wasn’t taken. So nothing really special. I originally went with design, as at the time I was considering starting a webcomic!

If you ment, if CSDGN `stands` for something on the other hand. CSDGN is all about free software, strives for web standards, but is against internet censorship, spam, and people trying to limit my freedoms. I happen to like my freedoms, thank you very much. They’re all so very free and dom.. ish.. Shutup.

Who drew that fox image?

The one on the front page was drawn by Caroline Sharpe, better known as Liz. It wasn’t free, so don’t get any ideas. You can find her DeviantArt at http://lizcakes.deviantart.com. Any others I did myself.

I said that.

“I would rather people assume I can’t do something I can, rather than assume I can do something I can’t.”
“If it has to be longer or more complex to work, then that is what I will do. Otherwise there is no point.”
“The more I learn the more I realize just how much I don’t know.”

Okay, so how do I contact you?

You want to contact me? Well you can in any of the following ways.

  • Find me on Bitsjoint-IRC under the nickname Chase.
  • Contact me on AIM by the name of chasesandrgn.
  • Contact me on Yahoo by the name of chasesandrgn.
  • Add me on Skype by the name of chasesan, give a good reason.
  • Contact me on Google Talk or by email at the above @gmail.com